Splash of Colour

The colour of your bathroom suite probably gives away the date it was installed. The trend in the ‘80s and early ‘90s was to have your suite make the colour statement for your room. Thankfully the  various shades of avocado green, bright yellow and turquoise have been replaced by white in most bathroom suites.
 White in a bathroom is clean and bright, it also allows you to make colour statements with walls floors and accessories.

Ways to inject a Splash of Colour
The simplest way to inject that splash of colour is with the choice of towels. Bright bold shades will lift the room from bland to vibrant at a reasonable cost.
Wall paper has made a comeback into our homes in recent years and it can introduce a sense of warmth to a room as well as colour.
When choosing wall paper for a bathroom make sure it is for the non-wet walls, check out our tips on keeping MILDEW at bay. Curtains or blinds are another way to add colour while being functional. If your tiles are neutral or white window dressing is a super way to introduce bold colour.

Colour Statement
Your wall and floor tiles can make a huge colour statement. Do remember that you may have to live with your choice for a long time so choose wisely and consider well any strong colours.
Paint one wall or section of a wall in a bold colour and see how well you live with it. You can always paint it over.

Change with the season
If your basic tiles, walls and floors are neutral then change up the mood by adding new towels and accessories for each season. Choosing linens as your colour injection means you can change up the bathroom or en-suite seasonally with fresh new towels.  
•    Spring season colours are soft and subtle such as duck egg blue, soft grey, pale green tones.
•    Summer season is vibrant primary shades of green, red, blue with sunny yellow a favourite.
•    Autumn brings warm earthy tones such as olive greens, rusty orange, earthy greys.
•    Winter season sees jewel colours of teal, purple and red as popular choices.